Ready Made Companies E-packet 17. August

Company ABC  
E-packet – the easiest opportunity for start-up companies.
. The e-packet includes:
  • ready made company
  • registered office address service
  • accounting
  • registration of company home page(domain name) and hosting service
  • web-page custom solutions ( contains content management system for client to edit/add/delete the data)
  • logo design
  • e-mail addresses
  • etc.

Comments: 5

we want to buy a shell company in estonia or latvia. Company must be VAT registered. We need acompany address and accounting. Please advise as to how quickly this can be arranged and the cost.
Baldev Gill  |  01. September 2009
Ready made company in Estonia costs 440 EUR. In case there is more than one Board member, every following member adds up 20 EUR. We can help with documents to get VAT number. Registered office address service costs 20 EUR/month (advanced 6 months). Accounting starts from 100 EUR/month, the cost depends on amount of papers, workers and else. We have notary appointments every day. You should come to Estonia. We need your datas 2-3 days before notary.
Company ABC  |  02. September 2009
We need more info about register co in stonia with residence visa, my nationality is iran, but i have dubai & ukraine Residence. Best regards, Ali Farivar Director Mahyar Middle East , Dubai-U.A.E Mercede Intl Group , Kiev-Ukraine
Ali Farivar  |  21. April 2010
Hi, i would like to buy a shelf company in est, the company will be trading in timber,cement,coal,agriproductsand many other products. Can you supply a company that suites me Regards Fergus
Fergus Stanley  |  31. May 2010
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Services and Price List
  • Ready Made Companies - from 490 EUR
  • Establishing OÜ - from 390 EUR
  • Establishing AS - from 390 EUR
  • Records in Commercial Register - from 70 EUR
  • Activity permits and licenses - from 70 EUR
  • Accounting - from 100 EUR
  • Creating company websites
  • Creating E-shops
  • Design of logo and business cards - from 50EUR
  • Stamps - from 50 EUR
  • Registered office address service - from 20 EUR
  • Translation services

We can make notary’s appointments in all biggest city's in Estonia for you.